At Tufts, Primary Panhellenic Recruitment occurs at the beginning of the fall semester, and any woman/female identifying student regardless of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, religion, sexuality, citizenship, etc with sophomore standing or above is eligible to participate. Fall primary recruitment is organized and overseen by the Panhellenic Council, and all three sororities hold a series of coordinated events. We hope that primary recruitment provides students with an opportunity to get to know the amazing members from all of the Panhellenic Sororities on campus!

During the spring semester, Panhellenic sororities have the option to hold informal recruitment. The Panhellenic Council does not coordinate this process and there is no guarantee of which sororities, if any, will choose to participate in informal recruitment each year.  Sophomore standing or above is still a requirement for eligibility to join a sorority through informal recruitment.

Potential New Members (PNM’s) are able to register for recruitment using this link. Registration closes 09/13/19!:

You will also be able to apply for our Panhellenic Scholarship using this link at the same time. For more info about the Panhellenic scholarship fund check out the About tab of the website!:



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